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Unwrapping the Intriguing History of Celebration Crackers

Have you ever wondered about the origins of celebration crackers? Well, get ready for a wild ride through history as we uncover the fascinating story behind these wonderful party essentials.

Cracking the Origins

The story of celebration crackers dates back to the early 19th century in England. It all started with a sweet shop owner named Tom Smith. Legend has it that Tom was inspired by the crackling sound of a log fire and wanted to recreate that joyous noise in a small package. He began experimenting with various designs until he finally came up with the iconic cracker we know today.

Initially, these crackers were filled with sugared almonds, love poems, and small trinkets. However, it wasn't until Tom's son, Walter Smith, joined the business that paper hats were introduced. Walter noticed that the sweets inside the crackers were selling better than the actual crackers themselves. To boost sales, he started adding paper crowns to each cracker, turning them into a must-have party accessory.

Crackers Go Global

As the popularity of celebration crackers grew, they made their way beyond the borders of England. They quickly became a hit in Europe, with people incorporating them into various celebrations and festivities. From birthdays to weddings, crackers added an extra element of surprise and fun to any occasion.

Eventually, celebration crackers crossed the Atlantic and found their way to North America. However, they underwent a few modifications to suit the tastes of the American market. Instead of paper hats, partygoers in the US started finding small toys, jokes, and riddles inside their crackers.

Modern-Day Crackers

Today, celebration crackers have evolved into a beloved tradition worldwide. While the contents may vary, the joy of opening them and discovering the surprises inside remains the same. As we celebrate and cherish these traditions we also embrace eco friendly alternatives,  ensuring that the joy they bring is sustainable for generations to come.

If you're interested in adding a sustainably and reusable touch to your celebrations we invite you to explore our collection of luxury handmade celebration crackers.


Here's to many joyous and sustainable celebrations ahead!

Sarah - Good Féte


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